Sunday, January 20, 2008

Finally, Some Knitting Content: FOs

As proof that there has been knitting being done around here, I've got some finished objects to share.
First, is the one I am most happy with, Branching Out is done, blocked, and I love the way it turned out. If I had worked on it exclusively I am pretty sure I could have memorized the chart. It's only 8 rows, and every other row is a purl row, so that's 4 that need memorizing. Kris, my FFBE secret pal, sent me the yarn and the pattern to make it, and said it would be a fun, fast knit. I agree, and will make another, someday. I've got some yarn in mind in my stash, but you know how it many patterns, so little time...
This is the Felted Bucket Bag I knitted and felted for my sister-in-law. I used Ella Rae Palermo, which was a joy to knit with. However, I used 6 skeins, and at $8 a skein it's not cheap. I haven't even bought the leather for the drawstring yet. My SIL wanted me to knit and felt her a bag, and she thinks that when she brings it to work "everybody will want one." I really don't want to sell my stuff, I'd rather give it away, but at that price, I'd rethink that idea. It felted up
really well, look at the size difference before and after! The pattern suggested to knit 35% higher than wide, which I did. The bottom was 15", and I knit the body for 20.5". I ran it through 2 cycles, each with a kettle of boiling water added because I don't think my water is hot enough. In retrospect, I could have probably gotten away with 1.5 cycles. I do like it, and hope my SIL will too.
I started another Delite hat for Kathryn's Mom this week, and finished it last night. In error, I knit for 6" rather than 5" before starting to decrease so it's a little bigger than Kat's, but I think it will be OK. I used my Interamerica Lavish Alpaca in cream, and did the ktbl stitch on the decrease rows to get a more uniform look all over. I don't know if it's a pattern error or not, but when I did Kat's, I just knit as the pattern said and it looked odd. Also, in the lace pattern, the last row adds 10 stitches to the 100 cast on, I wonder if the symbol key is wrong, because the decrease rows always left 10 stitches to knit at the end of a round. No matter, it's fine. If I make another, I'll do it differently and see how it goes. But again, there's more hat patterns out there I want to knit, so probably no "delite" for a long time.

Now, the only things I have OTN is Lotus Blossom Lace Shawl which has been on hiatus for a long time, and something for my Hot Cocoa Swap pal's blues buster. Oh, and a linen isle tank, but that's going to sit for a long time still. I think I will work on Lotus Blossom for a little bit in silence after writing these posts. If you hear a scream it will be me.


vegasangelbrat said...

Wow, lots of knitting done your way! Good job and the scarf came out gorgeous! Wow, that bag sure shrunk I had one shrink that bad this weekend too..haven't got my finished photos yet, but will tomorrow.

Miss Me said...

great looking knitting. i love the scarf, and the hat is bee-yoo-ti-ful! (i will be investigating that pattern...)