Saturday, December 29, 2007

Chocolate and Cranberries? YUM!

I wanted to bring something a little different, and a little elegant, and of course made with chocolate, to Christmas Eve dinner. My SIL never seems to have anything good, and chocolate, for our holiday dinner desserts. That is a problem. I get the e-newsletter from King Arthur Flour, so when I saw a recipe for "Joanna's Dark Chocolate Cranberry Pie" I knew that's what I would make. It was an easy recipe, and I knew I would purchase a graham cracker pie crust rather than bake one. After all, shortcuts are key when time is a factor. Even though homemade is usually better, that would work just fine. I pretty much followed the recipe, except I cooked down the cranberry sauce until all the fresh cranberries popped, and let it gel, along with let the chocolate ganache over the crust set up in the fridge overnight. And, after I assembled it, I made some more ganache and drizzled it over the pie, and let it chill until Monday evening. It turned out really REALLY good, I love chocolate, and I love cranberries. Got some compliments on it too. However, I didn't like the addition of the toasted walnuts, as echoed by a few non-nut lovers. So, the next one will be made without the toasted walnut layer.

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Anonymous said...

Will you share the recipe?! It sounds wonderful!