Sunday, November 25, 2007

This Week"s Knitting

I finished one, and started another fingerless glove pattern from knitty. The yarn is Lavish alpaca, and it's very soft and warm. I am not pleased with the ladders, although they disappear when worn, as do the wonkiness (spellcheck will not like that word) of some of the stitches. Must figure out how to fix that laddering on the next glove. I wonder if blocking will help the wonky stitches? It is my 1st time using the 2 circular needle method, because I don't love DPNs. And, was my 1st time doing any type of button hole, got it down with no problem on 2nd attempt. Yay me. These are for my 17 y/0 niece, and I'm also going to make her a hat, and if I have time, a scarf to match.
And true to my word, I cast on and started a hat for Suzie's cause (see below). Went to my stash, found this yarn from my entrelac pillow (UFO alert!) and this is progress less than an hour into the hat. Easy, cast on 88 stitches, join in round, and knit, then decrease for crown. It will be a rolled brim hat; I might put some different stitches in for texture as I go along. I used a knitted cast-on for this, 1st time for lots of stitches, I like how it looks for a woman's hat. Now, I must get back to knitting this.
I hope everyone had a happy and hopefully long weekend. I enjoyed being away from work, and do not relish the thought of going in tomorrow. I tried to log on remotely on Friday, but I couldn't get a connection. So I'm in the dark as to what went on there. What new crap will be dealt my way? I can't even imagine.

*hbd, mb*


Wendy said...

Going back to work after a long weekend is never fun. I'm dreading it too.

Channon said...

I didn't have a long weekend, so it's the same ol' grind here, aside from taking Mugsy to the internist this morning, over an hour away...

LOVE the fingerless glove! I'm sure your niece will treasure them. We're always our worst critics.

NH Knitting Mama said...

Seems like you've had a nice weekend, and I think it was God's way of telling you to let work go for a few days - that's why you couldn't remote into your computer.