Sunday, November 11, 2007

I Won a Prize!

Last year I knitted 2 scarfs for the Red Scarf Project for the OFA. Most of you know what that's all about so I wont explain. Well, apparently many, many people knitted red and other color scarves that the foundation became overwhelmed (drowned in scarfs!) and requested people only submit one good quality scarf, not dozens upon dozens this year. Quality over quantity, please. I totally understood, they asked that the scarf be made for either a young man or woman, and by the look of some of the scarves donated in the pictures submitted, a lot of dudes were going to have to wear hot pink fun fur scarfs to college this year. ;-) Another suggestion was to donate money to the fund. Knowing that my few dollars would be put to good use, that's what I did. And forgot about it. Didn't even remember there was a random prize drawing for those that donated, until I got an email from Norma letting me know I won something! Carolyn, of Spinning Yarns Online offered a skein of hand dyed hand spun yarn and a fun tape measure as one of the prizes, and that's what I won. I got to pick my choice of color and yarnweight from her shop. Well...given all the choices I didn't know what I wanted, so I told Carolyn I wanted a sport weight, narrowed down a couple of colorways and asked her to please pick for me. She chose her colorway "dark foliage" for me, and i was pleasantly suprised because although I had a few others I really liked, that was my top choice. I love surprises, especially when I didn't even expect it!

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vegasangelbrat said...

Congratulations on winnine!! The yarn has all the fall colors in it..beautiful!! Waht a fun tape measure, bound to make you smile for