Thursday, October 04, 2007

Secret Santa Questionaire

Here are my answers for Jane's Designs Secret Santa.

1. What is your Christmas style?
Hmmm. I have a mixture of style. I guess that mix would blend traditional with cute, with a bit of creativity and old-fashioned mixed in. When I put up a tree, it had colored lights, glass icicles, shiny glass balls, some handblown ornaments, and special ones from the past, gifts, and my travels. I'm not overly religious, and even though I know the "true" meaning of Christmas, I tend to focus on Santa and winter themed decor.
2. Do you collect something special?
Love old fashioned Santas, and Snowmen. In my attic, I have a small fortune worth of elfs, reindeer and buildings from The North Pole Village but haven't set that out since Reggae decided he was the abominable snowman and liked to knock them down. I have some pics somewhere; I'll try to find them and scan them off, it was really cute all set up. I thought about selling the collection on ebay in it's entirety but I am nostalgic. I sold the Christmas train I had that I used with it at a yard sale one year and regretted it the next.
3. Favorite holiday color.
Deep Red and Deep Green.
4.Favorite things--
At holiday times, cookies and homemade treats, spicy or "winter" or peppermint scented candles.
5. Least favorite things--
Don't care for "pine" scents except those from a natural tree, or rose scents.
6. What do you prefer--candy or cookies.
My favorite cookie is tollhouse, but anything would be welcome. I never really made a variety of Christmas cookies but loved it when others did. Chocolate is yummy everyday of the week. Except white. Also like candy canes, and if it's with peppermint bark it's even yummier, and caramels/caramel bark too.
7. How about--coffee or tea.
Coffee, no decaf thanks. Prefer med-dark roasts, flavored is OK.
8. Do you wear knit or crocheted scarves?
9. How about slippers?
sometimes, yes. 'bout an 7.5-8, but my right ankle is way swollen from permanent injury so i can't wear anything real tight on that foot.
10. Hats? Pin head or pumpkin head.
Ah...I'd say I was an Apple Head. :-) a warm hat for a cold day is nice.


Anonymous said...

Nancy I would love to see pictures of your village. I bet it's wonderful. I always imagine myself small wandering around those little villages visiting all the shops and beautiful homes.

A warm hello from your Secret Santa

Judy B said...

Hi Nancy ooohh you sound like me I love collecting for my Santa Village I used to put it under the tree but it doesn't work there anymore becaude my cats want to sleep on the cotton and end up distroying my village.I am hoping this year hubby can make me a large table to put it on.I hope you are enjoying this swap,I know I am.

vegasangelbrat said...

Oh you guys wait on villages..We have Polar Express going around the livingroom wall and we have villages everywhere. Hoping this year to video it and put it up on utube! We've added more this year to our train set up (hard to do going around the Love the villages.
Thank you Nancy for pointing out the pinhead and pumpkim heads to Mom always called me a

jopal said...

Have you ever made Tollhouse cookie pie! It is a holiday traditon in my family. My kids don't like pumpkin so we make CHOCOLATE! Very eay to make - much easier than cookies! Served with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream it is to die for!