Saturday, October 06, 2007

On the Knitting and Exchange Front...

Let's see...Wednesday night instead of going to my knitting class I went to a "yarn tasting" at the LYS I frequent that I signed up for this summer even before I registered for class, so it was OK to play hookey. The class is termed "advanced" but so far I pretty much know most of the things that have been demonstrated so far. I think "intermediate" would be more accurate, and more my level, but any excuse to go and knit and learn is a OK by me. Anyway...the "yarn tasting" was fun. It cost $10 in advance, and was worth it. There were only 9 knitters who signed up so she held it in her shop. The yarn was from Universal Yarn, which the owner is using as a new vendor. They have some loevly yarn, some of which I purchased earlier and sent to a recent swap partner, and some will be used for a shawl. What we did, was get small skeins of about 5 different yarns and patterns to go with the yarn, so we "tasted" the yarn, doing the stitch or pattern as the evening went on. All of the yarn was nice, and there were some blends that felt really soft and knitted up great. We got to keep the yarn, and the patterns. But, not only that, everyone got a door prize from her shop, a gift bag packed with yarn and a pattern and or notions, very nice. What do I get, she-who-does-not-knit-socks? LOL...2 skeins of Sisu Fantasy sock yarn and a pattern. LOL...I'm still not going to knit socks. Everyone also got a nice big skein of 100% wool from Universal, Deluxe worsted tweed in the color 04, it's called lemon grape. I see a felted bag in it's future. Of course there were coffee and cakes and cookies for refreshments served. I sat at a table with some very friendly ladies and had a good time. I hope she does it again. While I was there, I learned they were having a class on knitting a bracelet with wire and beads, I'm signed up for that, it looks like fun and maybe a way to use up my bead stash!
There's been a little knitting going on. Here's a cute little slip stitch bag I knitted and felted last week. I just have to find the right handles for it, and make the flowers, maybe. It was from the Ella Rae Book I made my FFBE bag from. This pattern was right on this time, except I single instead of double stranded and used variegated for the center yarn instead of 2 solids, in stripes. I also started a project for one of my Pay it Forward people, but i can't show that, of course.
Speaking of the FFBE, I jumped the gun by 2 days and sent off my partner's bag and goodies this afternoon. It was finished, so, beings that the post office is closed on Monday and I had time today....I sent it off. I hope my pal likes it.

Today I received my package from the Knit1Tea2 Exchange, and found out my partner was Jen W. She sent me some very nice things. They're all pictured here: 2 boxes of flavorful tea bags, a scone mix and recipe she put together herself, some felted coasters and a hot pad which I wanted, chocolate which is always welcome, a tea shop mystery book and a book mark with a tea pot charm, a biscotti cook book, a tea towel, Cascade 220 tweed yarn, a cinnamon votive candle (favorite scent this time of year), and a little china tea pot. Thank you very much, Jen!
Now the K1T2 is over on my end, because Devon received her package from me earlier this week. I didn't take any photos before it left my place, but Devon captured it all here. I really had a lot of fun spoiling Devon, and made a new friend in the process. We have a lot of things in common which now that I've revealed my identity I can let her in on.


Devonshire said...

Lovely package! Love the title of the book she sent....what a cute idea. A yarn tasting, that sounds so cool. I love your FFBE bag - it is beautiful and in a gorgeous color as is the clutch in this post.

Devonshire said...

Ok now I need to find a knitting class to take (especially for finishing...) Why no to socks? Oh and I do agree the greatest thing about the K1T2Swap was meeting you and making a new friend.

JenW!~ said...

So glad you like your goodies. I wasn't sure about the hotpad colors. I am happy to know you like them.

vegasangelbrat said...

Oh the class sounds great and what gifts!! LOL socks...theres that S word
So glad the tea packages are starting to come in, less worry for That book does sounds interesting!
Good Luck in other classes!