Sunday, October 21, 2007

FFBE Contest # 4

This week's question over at the Fall Felted Bag Exchange:
A)What was your favorite Halloween costume ever?
A few years ago at a party I was a skeleton/ghost "lady". It was so easy, but no one recognized me at first. Here's the deal: white sheet, cut hole for face. Get a big floppy hat, with flowers. Put the sheet on, leaving face in the opening. Paint your whole face white with grease paint, even lips (if you've got connections to stage people it makes it easy, if not buy where even halloween stuff is sold) then, make up. Black greasepaint for the eyes, lots of dark masaca, draw a skeleton "grin". Add some chunky long beaded necklaces, and put the hat on and your set. :-) It was fun, and easy. I had a professional stage makeup artist for mine, but it's really not that hard.
I love to see the kids come to the door in their costumes, but I live at the end of a dead end and I guess it looks scary down here by the water...don't get much traffic. I haven't dressed up in years, but I"m getting my arm twisted to go to a party next weekend so I'm thinkin'.
B)It's a crisp, cool, sunny Sunday in October - the sky is clear, there's a bit of a breeze, and the leaves have already started to change. How would you spend your day to best celebrate and enjoy the season?
I'd take a drive west on 195, or south on the GSP and check out the trees that are turning, and stop at a farmer's market on the way back and pick up a pumpkin and some Mums. This year it's been so warm that the leaves are changing late, I think we'll still have some next weekend too.
I sent my pal's package out on Oct 6, it was delivered on Oct9. It burns me that it's not even been acknowleged. I know she's out there, I've seen her post comments on other blogs. It's down right rude to not say anything, because she knew it was on it's way. So, oh-pal-o-mine, if you're reading this, be warned: what comes around, goes around.


Miss Me said...

WHAT??? someone got that FABULOUS bag and hasn't even acknowledged it??? tell me who it is and i'll go steal it for myself... (only half joking.)

Jane said...

Ouch! I agree - how rude not to acknowledge a package! Takes all the fun out of the swap.