Monday, September 17, 2007

"Mexican Lasagne"

km asked me to post a recipe I sent to miss me when she had an abundance of zucchini last month. Miss me said it turned out good. I hadn't made it in a while, I think I need to again soon. Don't get thinkin' I'm all Martha Stewart here...I'd say I'm more Rachel Ray but not nearly as annoying. :-) I only cook when I have to. LOL.

When I cook, I generally don't use recipes, it's stored in my head and I make them up as I go along. Except for baking, that's pretty much by the book. If you have any questions, just ask!

Mexican "Lasagne"
1 or 2 packages of flour tortillas. (if you find or like flavored, i.e. spinach, red pepper, you can use them)
1 Qt. of Ricotta cheese
2 packages shredded mexican cheese (or cheddar, jack, etc.)
2 jars of Salsa (hotness/flavor of your choice)
Zucchini slices.
~Cut the ends off the tortilla "rounds" making them square. Cut the "squares" into strips resembling lasagne noodles.
*The "rounds" can be saved, and baked by laying them out on a cookie tray and spraying them with olive oil spray and salt for homemade tortilla chips*
Mix the Ricotta, 1 package of cheese and 1 jar of salsa together.
In a baking dish or lasagne pan, coat the bottom with cooking spray and a few dabs of salsa. Layer the "noodles" on the bottom.
Layer the Ricotta mixture, then a layer of zucchini, and dab some more sauce on top, and some of the cheese.
Repeat with remaining ingredients, ending with a good coating of cheese and sauce.
Bake in a 350 oven for 45 minutes until bubbly and done!


km said...

Thanks. We have Zucchini growing in our yard...and earlier in the summer we were passing it along to everyone we know. This looks good. I'll let you know when we try it.

Anonymous said...

sounds yummy. i'm not crazy about zucchini but this might make me change my mind.Hello from K1T2 partner