Monday, September 03, 2007

I Have No Kitchen

But I WILL have a kitchen. Sooner than later, I hope. And a brand-spankin' new one. It's not so bad, without, although not having a kitchen sink is getting old; it's only been 7 days. The renovations, after a long delay, began last Tuesday.
This is the "before" anything was done, back in winter when my bathroom was being done. Yeah. Ew. Late '60s cabinets that are too high for my 5'4" self to reach even the 2nd let alone 3rd shelves, and corner cabinets with unreachable black holes that are so unusable. The appliances, although relatively new, are too big and white for that small space. I'm going stainless. The only thing staying is the floor, which was done a few years ago. The appliances have been given away.

So, I left for work on Tuesday and it looked like this:
Much better without all the crap on the counters, but still. (note to self: NO MORE CLUTTER)

I came home from work and saw this at my gate. I didn't think much had been done, that couldn't have been my whole kitchen deconstructed, could it?

Indeed, it was. Gutted! That was fast.

Now, it looks like this. All the wiring has been installed for all the lighting and appliances, and readied for the plumbing. Nothing else since Thursday, due to the holiday weekend. The new cabinets are coming on Wednesday :-) All the materials have been picked out and all I have to do is wait. (I don't have patience). So for now, it's paper plates, plastic utensils and cups. And the microwave if necessary, I kept that for now, in the "makeshift kitchen" in the living room. Notice the obligatory bottle of wine, that is necessary during this phase of reconstruction. Well, not only then, but I'm just sayin'. ;-)


vegasangelbrat said...

Woo-hoo, it sure will look great when done though and that day is getting closer and closer!

NH Knitting Mama said...

Good luck with all your renovations!

km said...

Your kitchen will be great. Just expect it to take longer and cost more than planned for...and you're set. There's no way I could do without a kitchen sink for a few weeks right now...a new kitchen will have to wait. I love the granite you chose.

Miss Me said...

can't wait to see the finished kitchen! 2 rooms left to renovate in my house - the kitchen and the guest room - and the kitchen will be the last project. i plan on doing it once and that means doing it RIGHT!