Sunday, July 22, 2007

This Week's Knitting

Oh...Crap. That's what I have to say about that. I've made more progress today on the vest than shown here from yesterday morning. However...I'm getting a sinking feeling that I'm going to run out of yarn before it's done. Or, just barely make it. (fingers crossed) It looked like I had enough yarn from what I could gather from MCY's website...perhaps I didn't interperate it correctly. I really wish she would have included the yardage on the hanks, I'm not experienced enough to figure it out. I would be comfortable with one more hank, rather than keep knitting and run out. Damn. So, decision time. Do I ask for more? Which, since I'm knitting it FOR MCY that shouldn't be out of the question. But, by the time I get it, I might not have enough time to finish it in time for their fall line? Or, do I rip it out and waste 3 1/2 weeks of knitting and make something else? AARRUUGGGHH! I'm perplexed. In the meantime, I'm going to work on the lace scarf, which I KNOW I'll have enough yarn for until I make a decision.
Something good did happen in knitting this week, I did knit one dishcloth for my DDOS pal. I think I'll make at least one more for her package. I've got most of the extras, so that's going to be ready to go in time.
And, there is really good news, although it is previous knitting news. I don't know why it takes mail so long to get to the Keys. All my other packages hit their desinations by mid-week at least. I think they get stuck in Miami and wait for a full truck. Anyway, the phone call that brought me inside yesterday? Kathy called to tell me the tank sweater arrived yesterday. She said she was wearing it already. And it FIT! Perfectly. All my pattern adjustments were spot on. I am so happy. I told her to have her husband take a picture of her wearing it and send it to me right away. I think it looks great, if I do say so myself. She doesn't like anything too low or revealing, so this worked just fine. :-) I miss my bestest friend in the whole wide world so much though. :-(
That's it. Another week over. Time goes too fast. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


vegasangelbrat said...

Oh that tank top looks great on your friend!! You really did a great job on that too:)
On the vest, I would ask for more yarn, be better than feeling liek you wasted your time on what you did do..

Amanda said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you having enough yarn! That's always so stressful.

Miss Me said...

my fingers crossed, too... kathy's tank looks great on her. the fit is PERFECT! lucky girl.