Sunday, June 24, 2007

Deck Ambience

As I've mentioned in the past, I like to knit on my deck weather permitting while the "other" reads or relaxes. I love being surrounded by the flowers I've planted in the containers, listening to the birds singing and the water fountain sounds. In my old life (pre-accident) I had over 50 containers planted around my deck, front porch and yard. Now, I just concentrate on the deck, and let the perennials I've planted in other years help fill in the void. This year, I got a flat of some basics at a local nursery, petunias, marigolds, ageratums, etc. I usually choose more uncommon annuals to fill my containers and attract bees and butterflies, but the choice there was limited. it was a bad ankle day and I had much pain, and I needed to get home and plant, if that was going to happen at all. It was Mother's Day weekend and the nurseries were crowded. It's been 6 weeks, and those container plants, although growing, were looking sparse boring like crap and needed some happy. They were hardly photo-worthy. Sitting on the deck wasn't giving me the usual good feeling; something was incomplete, missing. Yesterday, it was a good ankle day and after my pedicure appointment, (ahhh---that was a long overdue indulgence) I went to a nursery that I knew had an awesome selection---Cannas and sweet potato vines, heliotrope, lantana, verbena, and more. $100 later (!) I had a car full of happy. :-) I got home and planted my selections with the existing flowers, and now my containers look much better. I still would like to get a couple more, but I went through my flower budget right there. These are some of the results.


vegasangelbrat said...

Amazing how fast plants add up...but they sure are gorgeous looking and very much needed sometimes! I miss being able to grow some of those

Jane's Designs said...

You deck looks like a place I would enjoy relaxing with a cup of coffee. You did a great job with your containers. Love the results.