Saturday, May 26, 2007

My Surprise Box

This is the box I got from my Felted Bag Exchange Secret Pal.
I'm thinking it came from west of here from the zippy.
Reggae helped me open the box and was really curious about what was in the box. He thinks my secret pal has pets. Either that, or he just wanted to know what was jingling too.
And here are the goodies that were packed inside the box:

So much goodness! She sent me 2 coffee packets in yummy flavors, herb and flower seeds, pink grapefruit shimmer lotion from B&BW, (my favorite scent!) cashews, some knitting notions, gardening post-its, a really cool knitting pattern box /book with cards that are "patterns to go". Those jingles? Well, they were whimsical little garden stakes to put in flower pots (which I've done already) She also composed a poem on a cute card to let me know that she's still waiting on a yarn order that was supposed to be included in my package. I totally understand those shipping delays, no worries there! Thank you so much Secret Pal! I can hardly wait for my bag to arrive!

1 comment:

Secret Pal said...

LOL Reggae looks so cute nosing He might've thought the jingling was for him :) You know I forget to send his treats...dang it, well they will go in your bag package..Tell Raggae secret pal is sorry for forgetting to add his in. I'll make it up to him :)