Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Birthday Knitting

Here's my interpretation of Crazy Aunt Purl's easy bracelet bag pattern. The bag on the left used 1 strand of burgundy wool and one strand of black fun fur. The colors didn't photograph on the turquoise and gold bag as well as they could have. (scroll down to a post from Saturday for more accurate color) For that one, I used one strand of gold wool and one strand of gold fun fur for the top, then 3 strands of turquoise alpaca (probably could have used 2 strands but the yarn was thin and I didn't want to take a chance) for the body of the bag. I felted them both (separately, of course). I used stretchy faux gem bracelets I found in an accessory store for the handles instead of the bangles as the pattern suggests. They are gifts for my boss, who is also my good friend. I hope she likes them. We're having a girls night out party at a local sushi restaurant tomorrow. Yay, can't wait.
***edited to add-- The bags were well received, and two of the guests want me to make one for them. :-) The party was fun. Really good sushi, they also had hibachi, most of the girls ate that, not me, makes me too full. But I love the show the chef puts on while preparing the food.


Zarzuela said...

So cute! They'll make a great gift.


Secret Pal said...

Those are so cute!! They turned out realy great too! Hope you gals have a blast on your night out, Enjoy!!