Sunday, April 29, 2007

Knitting News...and Learning a New Technique

I did go back to the LYS in Belmar with cash Wednesday to pick up what I couldn't last Saturday. It was a bargain, and it was Noro Kureyon, for a Booga Bag to eventually be made, so I will no longer be the only knitter who's never made one. 30% off? Good deal. Still not enamoured with the shop, too crowded and jumbled. I admit, lots of stock, maybe too much, because I get confused when bombarded with choices.
But.. there is a new LYS in town. Not my town, but still. It's called "What's Needling You" in Toms River. The women at my monthly knitting group talked about it, and said it was very nice. Small, cute, friendly, didn't carry every yarn in the world, but could order if needed. And they offered classes. Alas, most of them were in the day time hours on weekdays, but I work then, so that is out. But wait, there WAS a Saturday class offered...and it was on Entrelac! I called, signed up, and found out that Adele from my knitting group was teaching it, and it was only me. How cool was that? A private lesson! I've been wanting to learn the entrelac technique, because when I've read the directions, it made no sense. I need to see it in action, I'm pretty much a visual learner, then the directions make sense. So, I went yesterday. The shop is adorble. Clean, neat, comfortable table in the shop for knitting and lessons, gorgeous yarn, and Debbie, the owner is wonderful.
We're making an entrelac pillow, and I had to choose yarn. I could have used anything, with all the choices available, but the colors I needed to match my living room were best found in Plymouth Encore, an acrylic/wool blend. Plus, I didn't want to spend a bunch of $ since I have enough yarn at home already. This yarn is very soft, and easy to work with. Here they are, a deep and light lavender and a spring sage green. Along with offwhite, that's my living room. A Hydrangea and garden theme.
The lesson started well enough, I got the base triangles done, only to find out later that I interpreted the pattern wrong and would probably need to frog it going forward or i'd have a floor pillow. :-) But man, if you've ever started entrelac, what's on your needles at the first two tiers looks like nothing can come of it.
But, I had the basics down and was pretty sure I'd be able to do it on my own at home. And guess what? I did! So far, here is what I've got. It might not look like much, but to me it's huge. It opens door for other projects I want to try with entrelac, a couple of felted totes, among others. I'm very happy with my newly learned technique.

While I was there, since I had the opportunity, I asked about a pattern to make a summer tank top I'd been wanting to knit for a birthday gift for a friend. It would be my first actual garment, I needed a relatively easy pattern. The shop had samples of lots of projects displayed, and while thumbing through a book of patterns, none caught my interest more than one they had up. Debbie showed me the pattern, I read it, and I think I can do it. Of course, I had to buy the yarn for it. :-) Even though I have enough yarn to open my own shop, I'm not able to adjust a pattern to suit what I have. Looks like I've fallen off the "knit from you stash" wagon this month, but I HAVE been knitting from it, really. Mostly. Except..that time... . But, the rules do say, if you need a yarn for a particular project, it's OK, right? The yarn is Plymouth Linen Isle, 50% cotton 30% rayon 20% linen and felt so nice in the sample. Not too expensive, either.
I think I finally found a LYS that "fits". I'm happy. I wish Debbie lots of luck and success. If you're local, check it out. She is quite helpful. While I was there, other customers came in for help on projects, choosing yarn, etc., and she spent time with them. I liked that.

And now, a WIP. I'm knitting a simple triangular shawl for my best friend in Key West, for those chilly tropical nights or drafty restaurants. That makes me giggle, but I guess when you're down island long enough your blood thins. I'm knitting it with hand-painted rayon boucle from MCY. It will be light enough for the Keys. The picture, of course, doesn't do it justice, it has a sheen to it that's so pretty, and the colors flow so nicely, like sand and the aqua blue of the water of the Saddle Bunch Keys.
I was going to try a lace pattern, but I thought to just let the simple pattern show off the colors.

And last but certainly not least this week was my exchange from Connie from the Yahoo dishcloth exchange group. She sent me a great package! I love everything. I've "known" Connie from other lists, so it was fun to make up a package for someone you're a little familiar with. Thanks Connie, this was fun. I didn't take a picture of what I sent off to her, but this is what I got in the exchange.

I'm waiting to get my partners assigned to me for the Spring Felted Bag Exchange, and the Monthly Dishcloth KAL Exchange, so I can begin those projects. But right now, it's time to put my foot up and work on my entrelac pillow to be.


Secret Pal said...

And you wait no more my sweet partner! Now to figure how to spoil you without you knowing who i TTFN Be on the lookout my friend..

vegasangelbrat said...

Hi Nancy,
Wow I like those that the plymouth yarns..I've been trying to check them out as they are among everyones favorites it seems..Like the entrelac too, your doing great! Can't wait to see it finished.

Mystical Creation Yarns Elegant, Passionate, Inspiring Yarns said...

Hey Nancy,

I love the new blog. :)