Saturday, December 23, 2006

Knit From Your Stash in 2007

I've been seeing this on quite a few blogs: "knit from your stash in 2007". OK...well, apparently I'm not the only one who has acquired an almost unmanageable stash of yarn. Why is yarn so irresistible? Whatever the reason, I have too much. So, I am going to do my best to knit from what I've acquired in the year I've been knitting. Which, incidentally, will be 1 year Tuesday Dec. 26. Perhaps if I follow these rules it could work.
So, OK. I don't knit socks, so strike that rule right away, LOL. I have a feeling there will be more than that one exception to those rules made, because already I know I can't resist the yarn from Mystical Creation Yarns. So now, if I could organize all the yarn in my stash to a workable order, it would almost be like I am shopping in a yarn shop each time I uncover something I'd forgotten was in there. Seems pretty sensible, right?? Want to join me?

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