Friday, October 06, 2006

Knitting in the Round

This is my first attempt at knitting a purse in the round, and will be my first attempt at felting. I had lots of trouble at first with it becoming a twisted mess. I now know what the pattens mean when they say, "becareful not to twist the stitches." Then I got some advice, learned another cast-on method, frogged what I had aleady knitted and started over, with success! This is pre-felting with one strap done. Tonite I hope to finish the other strap, and begin the felting process tomorrow. The pattern is my own design, based on snippets of other patterns I'd looked at. Maybe a purse of my own design is ambitious for a first attempt, but we shall see. I really like the color combinations.


condith said...

Hi Nancy, Love the colors. Can hardly to see it felted.

catsmommy said...

Congrats on the felting - it's beautiful. I haven't done anything felted - yet. Right now I'm working on my first sock. I would like to make some for Christmas, but at the rate I am going on this one, I don't know Christmas of what year! I know a couple of the places you visited in Cape May. I live in NJ but right outside of Philly.