Sunday, October 01, 2006

Cape May

Yesterday was a nice fall day here @ the Jersey Shore. I decided to take a ride down to Cape May, quick 90 minutes there the same and back. I had wanted to go to Cape May Wicker to pick up some baskets for the gifts I am knitting, and to visit a yarn shop I'd read about on the internet, Fiber Arts Yarn Shops. Cape May Wicker was easy, got what I needed and took a ride down to the lighthouse, and around Cape May to look at the houses, etc. "Town" was crowded and I couldn't find an accessible parking spot, to visit the walking Mall, so I decided to head towards Fiber Arts and then home. The shop is in the Washington Commons center. I've never been in a "LYS" before, not for any other reasons other than there are none really convenient to me, and AC Moore has a good selection. I've only shopped in the craft/hobby stores for my yarns. I'm all for the success of the independent business person, but I was in sticker shock over some of the prices. The yarns were BEAUTIFUL, but mostly out of my price range. If I had a particular project in mind, I might have been able to think more rationally. I couldn't leave empty handed, of course, so when I saw the 'fantasy naturale' cotton I'd heard about I picked 2 for the spa sets I am making. I will enjoy knitting with them! There were a few bins of novelty yarns on "sale" (?) and I chose 2 for my 'stash' that will become something...Eventually. Although I could have bought many other things, I have enough yarn here at home that will probably outlive me, I decided to check out with my few items. There was a woman who had brought her sweater in progress in for help from the sales person, as well as helping another local person pick out some yarn, so her mind was occupied, I think, when she rung up my sale. I left, and thought I'd been charged a bit too much, (just how full price were those novelty yarns??) and in checking over my receipt, sure enough the discount wasn't taken. So, back to the shop. The sales lady was very apologetic, but wasn't quite sure how to do a refund. (?) We figured it out, I hope. To sum it up...My first venture to a "LYS" was not all warm and fuzzy, (pun---fuzzy = yarn, heh heh) BUT I will check out some others when I come across them.

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Amy said...

I've only been to Cape May once and LOVE it. But that was almost 7 yrs ago now, and my brother went to basic at the USCG base there. I know what walking mall you're talking about and could see myself tehre when I was there.