Sunday, July 16, 2006


I finished the Lace and Fan Baby Afghan in time for my niece's Baby Shower yesterday. I decided to cut it a few inches short of the pattern size, as I wanted to launder it and have it ready to go on Friday night. It came out fine. She said she really loved it, and I got many compliments on it.

I also knitted the baby bib Friday night to go along with the gift. It took me only a couple hours. I really like quick projects. ;-) I started it Tuesday at the TR Knitters meeting, but it fell off the needles when I took it out of the knitting bag, so I frogged it and started again.


knitheaven said...

The bib looks adorable (I can't believe you had to start over after the meeting) and the blanket beautiful! Glad your niece liked them!! Dianne

Goldendomer said...

The baby blanket turned out wonderfully! I could tell beautiful things were in store for you because of the "in progress" pics that you had been posting.

You're niece is so lucky!

Scarlet said...

They're both great!

I really really want to do the baby blanket for a friend's shower next month, but I can't find that book anywhere... did you come up with the pattern from a stitch in the book or is it a pattern printed in the book? I'm trying to figure out if you can share it with us =P

Anyway, still really pretty :)

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

You can buy the book at the leisure arts site. all the links are on my previous blog. Unless you a quick knitter, it will take a while to knit this up.

Scarlet said...

I got lucky and found a copy at WalMart today. The stock boy had just taken it out of the box when I got there. For whatever reason, they had only ordered two copies! Mine'll end up being pink too since the mommy I'm knitting for is having a little girl :)

babette said...

Came out lovely!! *Must* buy that book and make one.

Janey said...

Would you mind sharing the pattern (or the pattern source) for that baby bib?

I don't think I've ever seen one quite like that before - with the eyelets continuing across the top.